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Friday, April 25, 2003
Dating for the 21st century  
I've been using NZ Dating in an attempt to improve my social life and meet some new people. It's going quite well, I've met three people so far and had a good time with each of them, in different ways. I think I've made some friends, at the least - and the great thing about it is that I've met people whom I never would have met IRL , because we move in completely different circles.

(Although having said that, the last person I met is the stepsister of one of my childhood friends, whose father was the architect on my mother's house back ten years ago. It's a small town, pretty much all the time).

What I find interesting about meeting people in the flesh after having interacted online is how different they are. I've almost found (and this goes for almost everyone I've met this way) that if I got on well with someone in a virtual environment, that I wouldn't get on particularly well with them IRL. And the people who I had least hopes for when I met them IRL were the ones who I tended to get on with best. (Of course, there are exceptions - Fin for one). I'm not sure how to explain that - maybe it's a case of failing to meet expectations. I don't know.


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