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Friday, April 25, 2003
Just got this Newzcrawler thing worked out...  
It was the firewall. Well duh, obvious when I think about it. I've downloaded it at home and it already looks pretty darn sexy. Especially the fact that Reuters Health is one of their basic channels, and I use it every day anyway. That should save some time already.

AND I found this story in The Guardian, EMI are going to make almost their entire catalogue available, online, for users to download (for a fee, obviously).

AND, they'll be allowing format shifting! "consumers will be able to make permanent copies of songs and transfer them to recordable CDs, portable music players and their hard drives." The latest singles will be available for download as soon as they're released. Good lord. Giant record companies seeing sense? I guess this is the start of an inevitable process. I wonder if Jenny has seen this - I have a feeling she'd like it....


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