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Friday, April 25, 2003
We score four, it's still not enough....  
Inevitable really, but Real Madrid have put my beloved Manchester United out of the European Cup. 4-3 to us at home doesn't make up for the 3-1 loss in Madrid, and we lose 6-5 on aggregate. 'twas a glorious match though, and had me wishing it was the final (not just because we won). As far as I'm concerned, we're better than any of the other teams left in the competition, and it was just bad luck that drew us against the team that should win the trophy. The Guardian has an interesting article on our possible signings over the summer - Paul Robinson and Pavel Nedved seem to be high on the list, but Ronaldinho and Damian Duff (still) are mentioned. With the only problem being that Giggs and/or Beckham would have to go....Barthez doesn't look quite the player we thought he was, either - could be time for a change in goal....


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