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Friday, May 02, 2003
New weblog for websearchers  
Seen on Neat new stuff, Sitelines, a weblog to help web searchers stay up to date with search tools and developments.

On a lighter note, Marylaine also links to Library anecodotes, facitae, satire etc, a nice portal to the usual suspects (Laughing Librarian, Library Avengers) as well as weblogs (good to see the Male Librarian is there already) and bits and pieces (discussions of librarian porn, etc). Few things I haven't seen before, such as the Stripping Librarian (!?!) - sadly not worksafe so I can't investigate at the moment.

Also interesting: the history of things that never were a portal to various fan-generated timelines for fictional worlds (e.g. Tolkein, Dune, various comics and role-playing games). Quite geeky, but fun.


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