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Wednesday, May 14, 2003
RSS is the wave of the future - NZ government  
Just got back from a meeting of e-government types at the State Services Commission. I'm standing in as our agency representative. Anyway, there was a fairly sensible presentation on web design guidelines, including some good advice on accessibility (remember, not everyone uses IE/has a 56k modem or broadband/is able to access standard web pages). All good, straightforward stuff.

What really interested me was the presentation on RSS. The e-government unit appears to be right on top of their game regarding the potential of RSS to distribute government news and information. Basic plans call for each agency establishing its own RSS feeds, with their help, and these feeds being aggregated on the main government portal A new feed would be created from the portal, so people could read it using an aggregator. Very nice (and I liked the fact that Ferry Hendrikx, the presenter, used Amphetadesk as his example of an aggregator. Good to see freeware being promoted).

More at

[edit - I was typing that last URL under time pressure and I accidentally typed when it should have been - now corrected.)


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