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Monday, June 23, 2003
(libraries) New Zealand looking towards national electronic site licence  
The National Library of New Zealand is spearheading a scoping exercise, looking at the feasability of negotiating a national licence for access to various electronic resources. The idea is to form a consortium among as many libraries as possible across the country, in order to negotiate cheaper rates. So far, the plan is to identify two resources which would be useful to libraries of all types and sizes - with New Zealand newspapers/magazines suggested as an appropriate starting point. If the first stage is successful, it's hoped that similar deals can be negotiated for more specialised resources, such as health material.

Libraries here, as everywhere, are faced with increasing costs and diminishing budgets, so any such move has to be welcome. A major problem, however, may be getting vendors interested, as the the entire library sector in New Zealand isn't as large as, say, an academic library network in California.

Article describing the project.
Press release announcing the appointment of a project manager.
(Both from the National Library of New Zealand website).


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