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Saturday, June 14, 2003
(libraries) New Zealand passes new National Library Act  
Well, OK this is technically old news, but I'm possibly (?) the only New Zealand librarian blogger, so probably no-one else mentioned it. The key points are the extension of legal deposit to cover electronic publications (including websites) and a confirmation of the Crown's responsibilities to preserve the nation's heritage. And given that this is 2003, and the previous legislation dates from 1965, the Act specifies a stronger Maori dimension for the work of the library. Read the press release here and the National Library of New Zealand Act itself here. You'll have to search for it as the site uses frames.

No word yet on exactly how the National Library plans to take legal deposit of websites, with regard to which sites, how often, and how thoroughly they are archived. There's also still some issues to work out with publishers regarding access to electronic documents. For some reason publishers aren't too keen on the National Library placing copies of their documents online. ;-)


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