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Monday, June 30, 2003
(personal) Note to friends: I said 'Indian' not 'Indie'  
Yippee! I finally managed to get out of the house (turned out half my friends had thier phones off, and I was dialing the wrong number for the other half). Anyway, Drake dragged me to a warehouse party where his friend's band were playing their debut gig. And they're a Smiths tribute band. And I adore the Smiths. They had a decent sized PA set up in what was basically someone's front room, and they had the trademark costumes and mannerisms of Morrissey, Marr etc down pat. Adrian (Morrissey) was waving bunches of flowers around, then throwing them into the audience. He managed to fling out a whole load of condoms as well - I ended up carrying one around all night as a souvenier and showing it to random people as I told them how good the gig was. And it was excellent - great sound, great songs and a hardcore fan base of about 10 mostly female young goths who whirled around at the front of the stage, feet away from the band.

From there it was a rush to get to Bodega for Big Bada Boom, the Asian Underground night. Now, I was pleased to see my friends had turned up, but it wasn't quite what they'd expected. Seems that misheard me explaining that Bhangra was Indian music, and decided that I'd said Indie. I explained what I really meant 'some traditional Indian music, mixed with Bollywood film music, and with contemporary beats' 'sounds great, when are they on?' 'um, they've been playing for the last half hour'. Things had started off a little too slow and mellow for our tastes, but as the night continued the beats got harder and faster, and my friends started to enjoy it.

By this point I was pretty much going to be dancing to anything, as I was proving the efficiency of the herbal highs sold at Cosmic Corner. One day, all drug transactions will be like this - stroll down to the shop, knock on the door, the DJ comes over to a hole in the wall to serve you with a huge smile, and then he offers you chocolate to go with your purchase. Frenzy comes highly recommended, that's all I need say.

Anyways, the night was split between dancing and chatting to various friends. As well as Vana and Anthony who I went with, I ran into no fewer than 4 of my classmates, who'd arrived in two seperate groups. I think I was probably too far under the influence to have had a coherent conversation with Jo and Amy, but I managed a good chat with Vanita later on. Which I'm glad of.

I may have to edit this one - it doesn't make for terribly exciting reading...oh well.....

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