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Tuesday, June 24, 2003
(study) 1/6th a librarian  
The MLIS has finished its first term (OK, it finished last week, I'm slow, I was stressed with end of term work). Which means I'm exactly one sixth of the way through (taking me two years, due to being part-time). My initial feeling is of relief, and my second 'what was that all about?'. Sadly, I can't see myself really applying much of what I've learnt in the 'real world'. The two courses I've taken so far have either been very high-level and theoretical, or too detailed (with a focus on computers that goes far beyond what I'd need to know as a librarian, but not nearly as far as I'd need if I wanted to be a systems librarian.

Not that some of it hasn't been interesting, but it's a little dissapointing that a course which I must take in order to work in my field has so far not much relevance to that field. OK, that's a bit unfair - some of the IT stuff was useful, it's just I knew most of that already. And so was some of the information policy stuff, once we got past the really theoretical stuff. And future courses should be more practical.

Anyway, I'm over the first hurdle...and I finally got to get good and drunk with some of the classmates, which I really needed at the time, so it's all good :-)


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