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Wednesday, June 04, 2003
(study) seriously uncool  
I just finished my RSS report...closed it down, went to open it five minutes later and the file's corrupt - I've luckily only lost the beginning of the report so I'm posting the rest of it here as a backup. Curse Bill Gates and all his little minions!

[edit] And now I learnt that you can't post incredibly long posts to Blogger powered weblogs. Serves me right for not bothering to RTFM. However, I do have my report backed up in a couple of places, and all is good.

And in related news I got something like 95% for the ridiculously easy spreadsheet we had to do for the same course, so I've actually already passed with at least a B - even if I hand in a piece of paper with nothing but my name on it for the last assignment. Which I don't plan to do. I'm happy, but I've never felt so much like I didn't deserve a grade.


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