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Thursday, July 03, 2003
(blogging) Referrer log madness and the loneliness of the long-distance blogger  
Nice to see that some people are actually reading this - welcome! My new favourite referrer log entry is the Yahoo search for male prostitutes Bangalore that somehow turned me up. I hope s/he wasn't too disappointed...(though I do wonder, would male prostitutes in Bangalore have a website, given the illegality of both prostitution and homosexuality in India?

Meantime Steven is asking if I'm the only New Zealand librarian weblogger (which mention got me a few extra hits - thanks!). This inspired me to try a Google search, but I haven't managed any confirmed sightings yet. I hit this blog three or four times in the top 20 (and this post'll add another one). I did manage to find Malpractice which looks to be an entertaining read - made slightly weird for me by the fact that one of the authors has the same name as me, is the same age as me, and works across the road from me, or at least used to. He works *in* a library, but I'm not sure from the context if he is a librarian, and the blog doesn't really relate to libraries much.

Danielle appears to be a librarian too...and I found another one that looked promising, but can't now remember where it was....looks like I'm the only one so far.....


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