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Thursday, July 03, 2003
{internet} Niue gets nationwide WiFi  
The tiny Pacific Island nation of Niue (population 1700) has installed a WiFi network which will cover the entire island, the BBC reported last week. Niue is basically a New Zealand dependency, with the majority of the population living in this country. The network is funded by the Internet Users' Society Niue, a charitable group who fund ICT in the country through the sale of .nu domain names, working in association with the Internet User's Society in Boston Massachusetts.

I just love this story - it's fantastic both to think of how technology can be deployed in a third world country, and how the internet has opened up new sources of incomes to countries such as Niue and Tuvalu (.tv). Also, my favourite website in the world is hosted on .nu, so I have a soft spot for the country generally.


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