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Sunday, July 06, 2003
(personal) Flatwarming on the coldest day of the year  
Winter has hit Wellington full force, with a very nasty southerly bringing snow to the Rimutakas, though not to the city itself, which the forecasters thought possible. This flat is one of the coldest I've lived in - it seems to take much more effort to heat than normal. Naturally, we'd chosen today as a suitable day for our flatwarming party. We'd specified fancy dress with a heaven and hell theme, which Laurie interpreted uniquely by turning up as Darth Vader. I came as the Pope, and the 'so are you heaven, or hell?' jokes got old quickly.

Decent-sized turn out, about what I was hoping for. Hoping for more from class, but a good crowd from work, who got introduced to the delights of absinthe - I think I may have created a monster there, although if they feel anything like Drake and I did the morning after, they will be vowing never to touch the stuff again. Anyway, we nearly polished off my whole bottle, of which I had precisely three shots, so someone was enjoying it. On the plus side, we finished up with about twice as much beer as we started with, nothing got broken, no-one punched anyone, and not much got spilt. So overall a success.


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