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Sunday, July 06, 2003
(personal) Lou Barlow  
Saturday sees me in bed till the early afternoon, not wanting to deal with either the cold or the cleaning up. Eventually, my sense of duty overcomes my desire for comfort and I join in the cleaning process. Which is fairly painless, really. And results in us scoring the beers as mentioned below.

While I'd rather spend the day in bed, I've arranged to accompany Mary to Desdemona, a re-telling of Othello from the female characters' perspectives, put on by the students at the school of drama. Worthwhile, with some great physical drama, but some of the dialogue was hard to catch for deaf me. Impressed though that the actors managed to play loud, physical characters without overacting.

I should really have gone to bed, but Lou Barlow was playing at Indigo, and as the number of American indie-rock heroes who pass through town in any given month is usually zero, I figured I needed to drag myself down to see him....and it was worthwhile, though I was hoping he'd be playing some Folk Implosion stuff, and it was basically just his solo songs, acoustic love songs and 10 minute anecdotes about stray cats. Lou tells a good story though, and he got a lot of laughs, especially when suggesting that he didn't need a therapist because he wrote songs, so we were like his therapist - and WE paid HIM. He also managed some sharp pastiches of Napalm Death ("sadfggqweadfaaararhaffarghdfhgo. Cheers. Thanks a lot. Aasd234fdsdfasadfksaypbarrfgiasdqefgfgty;ghghj cheers. Thanks a lot") and Guided by Voices ("the mystery is in your handbag").

By the time the encore came round I had blurred vision even though I'd only drunk two beers, so I cut my losses and staggered home.


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