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Friday, July 18, 2003
(personal) The weirdness doesn't stop....  
For reasons which are way beyond my powers to explain, I've been given permission to attend a conference in the US, hosted by the vendors of a new virtual reference/knowledge base programme we've started using. Naturally, I'm taking some holidays at the same time, so I'll get to visit New Orleans and New York, and meet up with some friends of mine. I still can't quite believe it....meantime I've started back at university, and have to finish 6 weeks of work in 3 weeks, to make sure it's all done before I head to the US. Things are going to be busy for the next few weeks.

And my p___t__e hunting friend is still at it - you would not believe the number of variations on prosti*e, Ind*a, Bangalo*e etc that are turning up in my referrer logs.... - P in B, P B, P (B), over and over...give up, my friend. They aren't online.


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