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Monday, August 25, 2003
(information technology) Conference  
So, there was actually a reason for me being in the US. It's a user conference for a a virtual reference/knowledge base product called Right Now. I'm now the organisation expert on the product, so I get to go. It's cool. I've become such a geek that listening to people talk up the benefits of this new product is actually quite interesting to me (and we're having discusssions about why they use Boolean OR rather than AND searches, or specifically Boolean AND-ranked OR searches, so this isn't light conversation).

And the product is actually really good. I was pretty sceptical at first, but having used it for a while, I like it a lot. It's saving me a lot of time by answering the basic reference queries that I get asked everyday for me. Recommended. The new features (such as managing outbound mailing lists) look really good as well.


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