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Friday, August 29, 2003
(personal) Burgled!  
My house got burgled yesterday. The pricks climbed our backyard fence, then jimmied open my bedroom window and climbed in through that. I lost US$230 in cash that I had left over from my travels, and one of my favourite CDs (which is odd, because there are approx 250 CDs in my room and they didn't take any of them...)

Although I've just realised that they took a CD carry case that had about 30 CDs in it - most of them weren't that good or were pirated copies, so that's OK - well sort of).

I'm trying to look on the bright side - they stole a watch that my ex-girlfriend gave me, but it's broken - and in the same drawer was a $1000 ring that belonged to my dead grandfather, which they missed. And we didn't lose any of our big stuff - stereos, TV, PC etc (although as my PC is broken I wouldn't have minded if they had taken that).

Fuck fuck fuck.....


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