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Sunday, August 03, 2003
(personal) For Paul  
Paul wrote that I needed to blog less about libraries and more about my own life. So, uh, here you are:

Monday: drinking with the people who I'm travelling to the US with. Discussing what we're trying to get out of the conference. Very pleasant, they seem like they'll be good company for the trip.
Tuesday: went to a pub quiz with students from the MLIS. Only two others turned up, but it was a fun night. We were close to winning, but lost out by a few points. Probably because none of us could answer the sports questions (2 out of 10) or the 'identify this military plane' questions (3 out of 10). Unsurprisingly, we were great at the literature, film and music questions.
Wednesday: Had dinner with Vanita, one of my classmates.
Thursday: My friends Michael and Beth came down from Auckland. We ended up in Vespa, drinking flavoured vodkas and various cocktails (under the influence of Michael's sisters). It all got a bit fuzzy after that, but at some point Michael and I were discussing purchasing a second-hand Soviet aircraft carrier. I'm not sure why.
Friday: Went to the birthday drinks of a friend of Vanita's, then went down to Bodega to listen to reggae DJs. Good night, but after the night before I was tired and staggered home early.
Saturday: Spent the day trying to write an essay on e-books, with a hangover. Went to dinner with Vana, Anthony and Shelley, then to Bodega to watch the Bats. Support band was excellent, had kind of a Wilco, Giant Sand, Nick Cave vibe going - seems to be the emerging style for Wellington indie bands (see also the genius that is the Phoenix Foundation). Most excellent. The Bats were good, after a slow start, but the real highlight was that it was one of those nights where every time I looked around I saw someone else I knew. Really good feeling, standing there and being surrounded by people I knew from five or six different places. Yeah. Bats played some new stuff, some of which was excellent ('Horizons') and should have an album out later this year. Good news.
Sunday: here I am back at work, avoiding finishing that damn essay on e-books.


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