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Monday, August 25, 2003
(personal) Travels, part 3  
So Cory takes me on a tour of Philadelphia, where I learn of the bitter rivalries between the advocates of the two Philly Steak sandwich vendors (You gotta like Geno's, or Pat's - there is no middle ground), get a whirlwhind tour of the art gallery (including the steps that Sly ran up in training during Rocky), and get taken to a Phillies game (baseball) with the incredibly knowledgeable hippy type Michael. It is genuinely one of the nicest days I've had in a longtime.

We continue with drinks at possibly the least authentic Irish bar I've ever seen (they don't even serve Guinness). But they redeem themselves by the price ($1.70/pint) before dropping Michael home. Cory and I continue back to Jersey, drink some more, by which time I'm fading and decide to go to bed. At which point, Cory goes to hug me good night and I go to kiss her (or maybe vice versa, it was one of those drunken things that you can't be sure if you initiated, or if the other person did). Which leads from one thing to another quite rapidly, and very pleasantly.

By all accounts I'm possibly the only person who knew I was staying with her who didn't suspect that this was a possibility when I decided to go visit her. Heh. Life is strange. But strange can be good.....

[Incredibly self-indulgent, I'm planning on posting some more library stuff when I get through the 50 million emails and Bloglines entries waiting for me - I guess if you want to read the library stuff you can just blank out when you read "(personal)" at the start of an entry, hey? Oh the tension between wanting to be taken seriously by my peers and provide something interesting for my friends to read).


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