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Wednesday, September 03, 2003
(blogging) Harvard Business Review on blogging  
I guess you know that blogging is becoming a mainstream subject when the Harvard Business Review writes a case study involving a blogger. OK, they went through and explained what this whole blogging thing was in simple language for those in their target audience who didn't know. But the fact is, they did feature blogging.

I found the study interesting as well. It was a (hypothetical) case of a blogger who was simultaneously helping her company's sales (by talking up their products in an honest and open way) and harming it (by publicising personal or inappropriate material). Three of the four industry experts that HBR asked to comment on the scenario said that the company should leave the blogger alone, that she was in fact an asset to the company. Only one suggested she should be disciplined. Interesting...

(It's in the September 2003 issue of Harvard Business Review, p.30 onwards).

Ties in quite nicely with Steven's comments about the growth in awareness of blogging.


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