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Friday, September 26, 2003
(librarians) These bookies back Namibia  
'The librarians will have bongos. They are learning the anthem.'

The New Zealand Herald reports on a group of Australian librarians who have "adopted" Namibia as their team in the Rugby World Cup. Something of a relief to see that the article doesn't explicity treat this as a 'look at those crazy librarians bucking the stereotypical image' story. Somewhat disappointing that a majority of them hadn't heard of Namibia. But at least they knew how to look it up.

'They will have funny-coloured clothes. And if the team hasn't got a dance to rival the haka* they will make one up.

"Most of us had never heard of Namibia and we had to get the atlas out," said Ms Abbot, 46.

"But that's easy in a library."

It was unclear yesterday how the Namibian players would react to 56 screaming librarians wearing their national colours at a remote Australian rugby ground.'

' Namibia has just 16 clubs and 540 senior players, and needed better than a seven-point loss to Tunisia to make the cup.

Despite having eggs and tomatoes tossed at their bus, their rooms visited by prostitutes the night before the game and being attacked with slingshots during the game, they managed to lose by exactly seven points. They qualified because they had scored an extra try during their qualifying games. The team then needed to get a loan and Government help to pay for the trip. "

[*Haka: a traditional Maori war dance/challenge, performed by the New Zealand rugby team before each international match].


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