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Friday, November 28, 2003
Me blogging about journalism about me blogging  
You follow?

"Librarians rock. That reputation they have involving buns, sensible shoes and shushing people is merely a cunning ruse, developed over centuries, to conceal their real lives as radicals, subversives and providers of extreme helpfulness." Taken from this article from the New Zealand Herald.

The article's a round-up of various library weblogs, including mine (heh - I knew my status as the only (listed) NZ library weblogger would bring me fame and fortune one day).

It starts by discussing the Michael Moore Stupid White Men incident, and then points to some blogs. Now, here's where I'm a bit disappointed: look who's listed.

Notice what these all have in common? None of them are serious library blogs (except the Anarchist Librarians and me, and you can see why we were included). Where were Steven and Jenny and Marylaine and Gary Price and Jessamyn (apart from the Naked Librians page)?

Sigh. Less "interesting use of new(ish) technology by worldwide group of information professionals" and more "stereotype: anti-stereotype". Such is life.

[edit] I had a closer look through the Ska Librarian and Laughing Librarian sites, and they do contain at least some "serious" information (gosh, what a value judgment). Although the Ska Librarian's site is only tangentially related to his profession - and you can see he was included because "gay skinhead librarian with weird taste in music" makes more interesting copy than "average (wo)man with interesting things to say about new developments in library and information science"[/edit]

[edit]I've had to correct HTML errors five times in this post. Lamer.


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