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Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Public libraries selling old books online  
Long discussion on Slashdot about this article from, about libraries selling unwanted books on eBay, instead of the good old used book sale. Some good comments from slashdotters concerned at the possibility that libraries are actually getting rid of material that may be valuable to researchers, and advocating for more public funding for libraries. Which seems appropriate, as most of the mentions of libraries I see in the US media tend to be articles bemoaning their lack of funding, or describing how student volunteers are helping academic libraries to maintain opening hours.

Of course, weeding collections is an important and necessary part of library collection development. (Yep, I'm writing an assignment on this at the moment, and I'm pleased that I've finally managed to track down a copy of the 4th edition of Slote's Weeding library collections seeing as it seems to be considered the definitive text).


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