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Monday, February 16, 2004
"Even the CIA needs librarians"  
Fancy an unusual career change? The Salt Lake Tribune points out that the CIA could use your skills.

For example, librarians at the agency are supposed to be able to quickly provide reference service when current intelligence is being produced. These librarians will use unclassified resources from just about every resource imaginable, just as many librarians do, but they'll also have access to classified information. Sound more exciting than working at a public library?

It does actually. I've got the type of mentality where I love having access to secrets, or to information that isn't readily available to others. The chance to work with all those CIA files sounds quite appealing. And I'm willing to bet I wouldn't have to provide patron use records to anyone ;)

Still, the job isn't open to just anyone. The CIA requires a master's degree in library/information services or a bachelor's degree and equivalent work experience at an intelligence community library.

Making it different from other library jobs how, exactly?


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