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Tuesday, March 02, 2004
Metasearch the (relatively) easy way  
Queryster is a metasearch tool that will search one of ten major search engines. The neat feature is the ability to switch between engines quickly, using a graphical interface that sits on top of whichever search engine homepage you are looking at.

Trying out the obligatory vanity search produced some interesting results. Among all the other versions of me online there were a number of hits for myself, but which ones appeared in the top 10 varied quite considerably between search engines. Some dig out a diary entry I wrote 8 years ago for a music website. Others pick up on this blog, others on work-related blogs or posts. And others instead pick up more well-known sites that link to this one, or even just mention it, or my name.

Big lesson for myself: use more than one search engine.

This seen on an article on Search Engine Watch by Chris Sherman.

(And as an aside, Chris Sherman is giving two seminars in my town this month, along with Mary Ellen Bates. I'm eager to attend as long as someone else pays the registration fees. Now, how to call in yet another favour from my boss?).


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