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Thursday, March 04, 2004
New York Times/AP on RSS  
Enthusiasts Call Web Feed Next Big Thing.

"E-mail is crippled, concussed by an irrepressible spam stream. Web surfing can be equally confounding, a wobbly wade through bursts of pop-ups and loudmouthed video ads.

And that may explain the excitement these days over a somewhat crude but nifty software tool that automatically delivers updated information to your computer directly from your favorite Web sites.

Enthusiasts see these Web feeds as sketching the outline of the next Net revolution.

The technology behind them is called RSS...."

(mentions slashdot, Howard Dean, iTunes, Feedster, and MS probably incorporating RSS support in Longhorn. Claims RSS is hard to configure/implement for non-techies. Goes on to mention Bloglines as being popular because it's free, but doesn't mention how easy it is - which, for me, as a relative non-techie, is the huge advantage of Bloglines. I don't have to think about using it, it does it all for me. But a good article, overall).


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