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Friday, April 16, 2004
Not that I've been updating much anyway, but....  
I'm off to New Mexico in about three hours. Likely to have other things on my mind than blogging. I'm taking Martin Amis's Time's Arrow and Marylaine Block's How to Manage the Unintended Consequences of the Internet as my alternative to inflight movies. Interesting to see how many names I recognised from Marylaine's book - I guess that's one of the greatest things about the internet - I feel much more in touch with who the key figures in my field are, far more so than when I was previously studying (psychology). Weblogs and websites enable anyone with a passing interest in a field to keep current, whereas in the Dark Ages (pre-1996) I would have been reliant on reading a decent handful of academic journals. Reading blogs lets me skim the surface of the field, to at least be aware of what is going on, and gives me the option to read more deeply where I choose.


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