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Thursday, June 17, 2004
Amazon search - interesting  
I'm sure this has already been blogged to death, but I didn't see anything (it was probably posted while I was on hiatus in the USA). But I did look at, and there isn't a review of it up there, yet.

A9 is a new(ish) search engine, courtesy of Amazon. It's also got a nice little directory, based on The Open Directory. So far, so standard. What's interesting are the enhancements, available when clicking on site info, which utilise the same features as seen on Amazon itself. Site ranking and usage statistics, site speed measurement, inbound links, site description and screenshot, and, coolest of all, a 'people who visit this page also visit' feature.

the profile of this blog. WHat I find interesting is that I'm not familiar with some of those sites, so this is a great way of getting recommendations of new sites to check out.

I'm impressed.


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