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Monday, June 14, 2004
No degree for student who copied work off internet  
In the "this should be bleeding obvious" department - a student from Essex in England is suing his university (Evening Standard, 27 May 2004) for failing him on the grounds of plagiarism. His argument being that he wasn't punished until his third year. He seems to be claiming that because he got away with it for that long, it's OK.

I wonder how well the plagiarism issue was emphasised by the university? I know for my courses it would be almost impossible to claim ignorance, it's really hammered home.

So OK, I'm back posting. I was on hiatus while I went to the US, and after what happened there* I didn't feel much like posting or updating here. Things are looking a bit brighter now, and I've taken a reassessment of my life, and what I was doing with my time online. I guess this is a better use of my time than some of the things I was doing, so I'm continuing, but trying to shift away from just linking to the same stories everyone else is linking, and hopefully add more of my own thoughts.

*I went over in an attempt to further a long-distance relationship with someone I'd met last August. It didn't work out. Such is life.


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