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Friday, June 18, 2004
Social networking, via Blogger  
So I hadn't had a chance to play with the new features in Blogger till yesterday. The main item of interest is the profile section. Much like Friendster (and probably other social networking services, I don't know) it lets you list interests, hobbies, favourite books and music, and click through to see the profiles of anyone else with the same interest.

Using 'location' as a hyperlink, I managed to find a blogger in the same town as me, with similar tastes in music and even working in a library. Interesting, I was still under the impression I was the only NZ librarian blogging...obviously not :-)

But the really interesting thing to me is how this could function as a social networking tool. I've already browsed profiles of a lot of people with similar interests, and the means are certainly there to contact them if I wanted to. Just another way of interacting with people I could never get to know otherwise. I wonder if anyone's using it for this purpose yet? They must be...