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Wednesday, July 28, 2004
Bad URLs  
Let's say you're promoting a film festival (the major festival for the year) in New Zealand. What domain name would you choose, given the choice? Something like that, nice and obvious?

Nope. You'd choose - because obviously when people try to guess your website address, that's the first thing they'll think of, isn't it?

Honourable runner-up is the Wellington City Council's guide to what's on in Wellington -

I bet someone got paid a lot more than I am to come up with those names, too.


All so true! But do not forget the cancatination nightmires. And, be sure to throw in a few odd spellings as well. Did we mention funny characters that people either don't know about `~_|^ and the like, or don't work correctly in some browsers #%&*+= and so on.
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