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Friday, July 09, 2004
How to search blogs  
Good article from b/ite magazine (Mar/Apr 2004) discussing trends in blog searching, and giving tips on how to locate blog articles. Notes that results from the main search engines had previously been dominated by blog postings, due to the number of blogs and the frequency at which they are updated. Mentions that most engines have tweaked their search algorithms to de-emphasise blogs. Describes how to locate blog posts using major search engines - e.g. use [subject] ~blog inurl:archives if searching Google.

Describes the limits of current blog-specific search engines, noting they are in a similar developmental stage to search engines prior to Google. Notes that some search RSS feeds, rather than blogs themselves - problematic as some blogs don't have feeds, some use ATOM not RSS, and some have only partial feeds. Discusses advantages and disadvantages of different search tools.