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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
Libraries + blogs - seriously cool  
This is such a great idea, wonder why I haven't heard more of it before?

The University of Minnesota library has established a programme where "any U of M student can start a blog. Even more interesting, they’ve linked their library databases to the blogging system – so if a student or researcher finds a book or resource they’re interested in, they can save pointers and citations for it to their blog with one click." They're using Movable Type.

I love this! One to bring up when people tell you blogs are pointless.

Only objection? It was hard to find this from the library's homepage - I had to use the search function on the university's homepage. That's a minor caveat, though.

via Learning the Lessons of Nixon (the delightfully titled blog that features posts classified by the Dewey Decimal System).