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Wednesday, July 07, 2004
You've got mail (and the government can read it)  
Good news for Americans (and anyone who sends email to or via America, which is probably all of us): the New York Times (registration or sacrifice of your infant children required) reports "that federal wiretap laws do not apply to e-mail messages if they are stored, even for a millisecond, on the computers of the Internet providers that process them - meaning that it can be legal for the government or others to read such messages without a court order."

Oh. Good. Of course, the rumours that abound about Project Echelon suggest that the US government (in association with most of the rest of the English-speaking world) already is reading our mail. So really, should we be that worried that apparently they have limited legal rights to do so?

And for that matter, most of what I commit to paper (or screen) is on this blog or its sister anyway. Which are easily Googleable or traceable via their feeds. So if I'm getting paranoid, I'm easily enough found, anyway.