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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Blogging meets social networking, goodness ensues  
A few weeks ago Lisa Williams discussed Frassle, a new(ish) weblog tool that enables you to both build a personal blog and manage your subscriptions, all in one. What's interesting, though, is the way it facilitates networking among bloggers - if you post a comment to another Frassle blog, your comment shows up in your own blog, as well.

Even better, it learns to build relationships between the terms that different bloggers use to categorise items they post.

[quote]Consider for example this article from the New York Times. I would categorize it under "library science" and "search". If you categorize it under "librarians" and "reference", frassle can learn a correlation between my categories "library science" and "search" and your categories "librarians" and "reference".....

That's the basic power of frassle—it discovers agreement between people, and helps each of them utilize that agreement. By sharing our categorization information this way, we can each contribute to the other's directory, without any prior planning. [/quote]

I like the look of this. Definitely sounds like it's worth playing around with. (The absence of an easy way to sort posts by category, rather than strictly reverse chronologically, is my main regret about Blogger).