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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
"Why I am not going to hire you"  
A manager explains to new librarians the reason they aren't getting the job. Much of which seems fairly obvious. But I'm making a note of it to remind myself things that I need to do, next time I'm looking for work.

Having just interviewed a couple of people to replace myself in my current position, this one struck me:

[quote] You at no point could show any knowledge or curiosity about important topics affecting the library world. [/quote]

We asked both applicants what they knew about the organisation. One: "Nothing. Except what I know from having worked at [organisation that was the predecessor of the predecessor of this organisation, nearly 30 years ago]".
The other: "Well, I've heard about it in the news from my work with [news organisation]. I've seen ads for [brand name] of course. I looked at your website and I see that you...."

Guess which one got the job?

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