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Friday, December 24, 2004
Your online life in links  
Mamamusings is spreading an interesting meme.

Type each letter of the alphabet into the address bar of your browser. See what link is suggested.


A = All Music Guide
B = Blogger
C = CricInfo (number 1 information site for the sport of cricket)
D = The Prison Dictionary (discussed on MeFi a while ago)
E = Erowid (drug information website)
F = Football365 (that's football as in soccer)
G = Google
H = The Beastles (mash-up album of the Beatles vs the Beastie Boys)
I = Internet Movie Database
J = Jihad Unspun (I have no idea, either)
K = Keenspace (a website for web comics)
L =
M = Metafilter
N = Newsnow feed for Manchester United Football Club
O = Office Museum - the history of paper clips (another MeFi link)
P = Google Print
Q = There is no Q
R = (blog traffic site)
S = the address of a private board I post on, which I'm not going to post here because it's private
T = The Onion
U = United Rant (a Manchester United weblog)
V = The database page of my university's library
W = Woosh (my ISP)
X, Y and Z are all absent.