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Thursday, March 03, 2005
Musicians for file-sharing  
Well, not quite, but a group of musicians, including Chuck D and Steve Winwood, are urging the Supreme Court not to outlaw file-sharing networks, pointing out that such networks can be used legally, and can benefit artists. Or even:

"One musician, Jason Mraz, said half of the fans who pay to see him in concert heard about him through illegal downloading, according to the court filing."

True. I went to see the Shins play last week basically because I'd had the chance to hear their music in advance, via file-sharing. My girlfriend went with me, so that's two sales they wouldn't have had otherwise. And I'm telling everyone how great they were (The Shins are great), and I'll be buying their album come payday...

And on the subject of artists who have defended file-sharing, the New York Public Library is hosting what looks like an unmissable event featuring Professor Lawrence Lessig and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco talking about copyright issues.