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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Netvibes: virtual desktop  
LibraryClips points to Netvibes, a handy (and free) virtual desktop, useful for accessing your online "stuff". It comes pre-configured with links to weather, a few RSS feeds (BoingBoing, Kottke, etc), a search box, a notepad, and a Gmail notifier.

All of these are optional, and its incredibly easy to reconfigure them or add new ones. Additionally, you can include podcast feeds, and play them within Netvibes without needing additional software.

I'm liking this. The only objection I can see is the possible privacy implications - it has to use persistent cookies (in order to remember your personalised virtual desktop), and using the Gmail notifier might not be the best idea if you are paranoid about your security. But other than that, it looks good. Definite value here for clients or colleagues who aren't highly tech-savvy - set them up a page with a few good feeds, and leave them to it. With so few moving parts, it would be pretty hard for them to break it.