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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Evaluating Search Tools - Mary Ellen Bates  
Sarah Houghton, the Librarian in Black, has been blogging the presentations at Internet Librarian 05. Almost all of her many posts have been excellent, and are well worth reading, but I'll point to her write-up of Mary Ellen Bates on evaluating search engines. Mary Ellen lists a huge number of tests to run on the search engine, suggesting a range of search techniques and ways of evaluating the quality of the results you get. Sarah calls this "a great session" - it is, and the write-up is great as well.

(I had a post all prepared with links to lots of similar posts from Internet Librarian, but Blogger crashed on me, and there's no way I'm re-typing it. I was planning on linking to LibrarianInBlack, MamaMusings,, The Shifted Librarian and Library Stuff posts).


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