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Tuesday, December 27, 2005
National Digital Forum : talks available in MP3  
The presentations and discussions from the National Digital Forum are now available. They've been posted in MP3 audio, and some presentations are available as PowerPoints. Some high-level presenters, including National Librarian Penny Carnaby and Chief Archivist Dianne Macaskill.

Topics include:

- an analysis of the opportunities and impediments associated with taking up digital technologies in the cultural and information sectors;
- the Digital Strategy and creating New Zealand On-Line;
- sector initiatives, such as Matapihi (the national digital gateway) and the Sound Archive;
- realities for small archives;
- the Colorado digitisation project;
- end-user perspectives (including a presentation from a former lecturer of mine, Dr Brian Opie from the English Department at Victoria);
- iwi and GLAMs (iwi being Maori tribal groups, I have no idea what GLAMs is and it doesn't appear to be defined);
- Collections Australia Network.

One grumble - surely there's a way to shrink PowerPoint files. Some of the files here are 84MB! That's hardly complying with e-government guidelines to make information accessible to people using dial-up modems....(this issue isn't unique to the NDF, the Internet Librarian conference papers had the same problem. Why do people keep using PowerPoint?).

Link via Synthetic Thoughts.


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