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Friday, December 30, 2005
ReminderFeed - RSS Reminder Service  
Via What I Learned Today comes mention of an RSS reminder service called ReminderFeed. I can see how this could be helpful (especially for those of us who live increasingly within our feedreaders - I have Bloglines open most of the time that I'm online). But at the moment it seems to be limited to sending daily versions of the same reminder notice, which doesn't seem to fit with the reminders that people would actually need (I need to remember multiple things on Monday, multiple different things on Tuesday, etc).

There is also the issue of security: this information would presumably be available to anyone who searched for it in a feedreader, meaning anyone else who wanted to could read my reminders. LibraryElf ran into this problem, though they've moved very quickly to note it, and seemingly correct it (my LibraryElf feed is no longer working in Bloglines).

So, interesting idea, needs some work.


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