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Sunday, January 29, 2006 + flickr + google maps + blogs + wiki + myspace + livejournal +you  
GROU.PS is a new community website that aggregates a range of social software services into one place.

It's designed as a virtual home for people who already know each other (real life or virtually) rather than as a dating site or a place to meet new people.

You sign up and register to join a group or groups (approval from the group owner is required).

You can incorporate photos from Flickr, blog feeds from livejournal, myspace, xanga etc. There's a Google Maps feature so you can post your location. There's a wiki, and a links section using

It looks good. I can't give much more of an opinion at the moment, as I'm still waiting for my group application to be approved, but this is a great idea.


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