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Monday, January 30, 2006
In brief - politicians edit Wikipedia, misspelling gets round Google China  
The Lowell Sun Online reports that the staff of U.S. Rep Marty Meehan have been repeatedly editing his entry on Wikipedia in order to sanitise it (via Slashdot). [Edit: the Talk page for the Wikipedia article makes it clear that even worse editing has been going on, listing a huge number of pages that have been edited by someone posting from the House of Representatives IP address - removing controversial information about Republicans, and portraying liberal politicians as "socialists".]

Paul Boutin writes that misspelt search results will defeat the Google China filter. For example, "Tiananmen" is filtered to show peaceful pictures of the square, and works of art. But spell it incorrectly and you're likely to get the results that you were really looking for - the iconic picture of the student in front of the line of tanks, for example. (via BoingBoing).


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