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Tuesday, January 10, 2006
Yahoo! Music purchases Webjay  
From the Yahoo! Music Blog. This looks interesting. Webjay is a playlist creation site. "Users can create playlists using music/audio/video from around the Web (with a simple Web form, from scraping a Web page, or with a fancy Ajax interface created by a 3rd party using Webjay APIs), share them with others, include them on their Web sites, browse other users playlists, play the playlists in any media player, or cannibalize the playlists to create new ones."

I had a brief look at the Webjay home page, and I like what I see.

The weblog has a write-up, and an interview with Webjay creator Lucas Gonze. Says Lucas "The point of playlists is that they are to internet media what RSS is to weblogs and HTML is to browsing.....Examples of the kinds of goodness I'm talking about:

* Interactivity wide open; anybody on the internet is a full participant
* Implementation wide open; anybody with the chops can write programs which contribute to the ecosystem
* and interoperability; anybody should be able to author content which anybody can render".



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