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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Link roundup  
Google's Desktop Search version 3.0 will have a "search across computers" function. You can upload your hard drive onto Google's servers, and then search it from any other computer. From a usability perspective, great. From a privacy perspective, not so much. More at TechCrunch

Listible has a complete list of Web 2.0 products. Yahoo! has updated MyWeb2.0, their personalised startpage. (via John Battelle). has a special page for librarians (via Librarian In Black).

Ask Jeeves has hired Gary Price (of ResourceShelf and SearchEngineWatch) as Director of Online Information Resources. Gary will be working on product development, and (even better from our perspective) "outreach to the library and education make Ask Jeeves a product that librarians and educators can count on." Very cool indeed, and I can think of few people who are better able to do such a job.

The Economist writes about corporate blogging. Network World writes about corporate blogs and wikis (both links via Steve Rubel's Micropersuasion).

Caveat Lector has a passionate and interesting post on the quality of a library school education, and why there aren't more librarian coders.


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