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Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Moving domains, and need a new name  
I now have my own domain name and a "proper" homepage, so I'll be moving this blog over to that domain as soon as I've finished tweaking the template for the new one.

The blog will be at (don't go looking yet, there's nothing but a test entry at the moment).

RSS feed for posts will be and for comments . You might as well subscribe to those now.

I'm also looking for a new blog title. The Philip K. Dick pun in the title of this one made sense when I came up with it, but I'm kinda over the idea of using names of sf novels as part of my online identity. But I'm stuck on what to call the new blog.

I think I'd like something with a New Zealand flavour to it. "Kiwi Librarian" sounds a bit too casual. "NZ Librarian"? "Wellington Librarian"? Not very exciting.

Some punning library reference?

I don't know. Any suggestions gratefully received. Naming is not my strong point.


"Kiwi Librarian" sounds excellent to me, if you feel the need to abandon an established (if slightly obscure) name.
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