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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Various links  
Russell Brown writes about social software in the NZ Listener. A good introduction. writes about an OPAC created in [blog software] Wordpress - with tagging and comments enabled, and with each item having a static URL. Very cool.

The National Library of Australia is collaborating with Flickr on a photo archive (Australian IT).

Microsoft will have an RSS reader in IE7 (Dave's Wordpress Blog). Will this be the tipping point for widespread acceptance of RSS? compares the PageRanks of blogs vs the New York Times on various news stories from the last year. I'm not too sure about the choice of search terms, which seem as though they would give an advantage to an after-the-fact summary, rather than a contemporary news story - which may give blogs an advantage in the comparison.

Newspaper owners want to sue Google News, claiming it is making money off their intellectual property (Techdirt). Memo to newspapers: if I read one of your articles, chances are I found it through Google News (or Topix or Newsnow). I click through and read your article, and I see the ads on your site. News aggregators are helping your business, not hurting it.


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